Spain Flag Proudly Waved as the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 concludes

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Spain Flag Storming the Internet

Spain Flag

Everyone is just searching about Spain and Spain’s Flag on the Internet after they have been crowned as World Cup Champions. Spain’s campaign in the FIFA Women’s World Cup can be compared with the journey of a Phoenix who rises from the ashes and attains new heights. It was a campaign scripted right from the movie. Sapin Women’s FIFA Team who has seen lots of ups and downs in the last year came to the World Cup with low hopes. They would not have believed that they could get so far. But they stood by their grounds and produced a miraculous end to their campaign by becoming World Cup Winners.

The journey from Euro Cup 2022 Knock Out to World cup Winners:-

The Euro Cup 2022 was a disaster for the Spanish Women’s Football Team as they bid farewell in the early stages of the Tournament. After that, they were criticized by the media, people, and football experts for their poor performance in the Euro. Another shock came when 15 players of the National Team showed their desire to step down from the National Team. The Women’s Football in Spain hits the bottom. But after some persuasion Players started to make them available for selection.

The World Cup squad was ready to make a strong comeback. They were placed in Group C along with Japan, Zambia, and Costa Rica. In the group stage, They finished second to Japan and Qualified for the Next Round.

Performance of Spain Flag Bearers in Round of 16:-

In the round of 16 They clashed against Switzerland and defeated them with a scoreline of (1-5) announcing their desire to win the World Cup. They look committed and play with elegance. Switzerland stood no chance against them. With this win, they entered into the Quarterfinals where they faced the Netherlands.

In the Quarterfinals they took over The Netherlands resulting in a 2-1 scoreline.

  • In the Semi-Final, they faced Sweden and beat them by a 2-1 scoreline.

Spain Flag Bearers

The Grand Finale:-

In the finals, they clash with another superpower of sports England. They fought head to head and neck to neck and managed to take a lead in the 29′ through the goal of Olga Carmona. England could not score an equalizer as Spain’s defense stood firm. Thus creating History by Winning their First Women’s FIFA World Cup Title.

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