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Southern California panicked by an Earthquake of 5.1 reading Amid Tropical Storm Hilary

Southern California vibrate to 5.1 magnitude Earthquake 

A tropical Storm which has targeted California after decades followed by An Earthquake made California an epicenter on Internet.
Heavy Rain, Hurricane, Earthquake:- It seems to be all happening in California right now. Approx four miles southeast of Ojai, about 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles

was the origin center of Earthquake. South Ventura City experienced most of the quake waves. While Camarillo, Oxnard, New bury Park, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Santa Barbara, parts of LA’s San Fernando Valley, Malibu, Porter Ranch, Manhattan Beach with other regions also experienced
the jolts. There is no significant damage as per the reports. An aerial survey was also conducted by the authorities to assess the situation.


The Return of Hilary amid earthquake Situation in California

Hilary a rare type of Tropical storm has returned to California after a very long time causing Flood like rain fall in the region. It is making the citizens nervous and prohibited them from their daily routines. City has witnessed this type of situated after a long span of 84 years. it has been evolved to Cat-4  and can cause more continuous rainfall which has ever been reported according to a report from National Hurricane Center. It can cause road blocks, sliding and more inconvenience to the citizens.

A flood type situation cab be caused by such type of rainfall along with swamping of roads .

Situation containment by Authorities 

It has become Priority no 1 for the Authorities. They have deployed federal persons to the region for additional support. According to Mr President Biden water coast guard has been asked to prepare aircraft in case of Rapid Rescue. Most targeted places will be evacuated as per the threat level.

Education Institute are asked to be closed unless the evaluation of the situation.

To keep tab on current situation please follow this blog and National hurricane Center

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