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“NFL Giants Philadelphia Eagles” managed to draw the game against Cleveland Browns amidst Injuries to 2 players

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

Players of Philadelphia Eagles Injured during Preseason game

Tyre Cleveland who plays at the position of Wide Receiver and Moro Ojmo (Defensive Tackle) suffered from Neck and shoulder injuries while playing a Pre Season game against Cleveland browns on Thursday.

Two Players of Philadelphia eagles were sent out from field after their injury in game against Cleveland Brown in a preseason game on Thursday.

Tyre Cleveland who plays for eagles at Wide Receiver position was injured in the Third quarter while making a catch. He couldn’t maintain his balance and landed on his neck and shoulder.

Again in the Fourth Quarter of the game Moro Ojmo  (Defensive Tackle) of Eagles was aided out from the field after he injured his neck.

“Both the players are fine and does not have any extreme injuries ” The team gave information through their official Tweet Handle.

Cleveland joined the Eagle’s squad in January 2020 and Ojmo came into their plans in this year.

Lets hope for the best to see them in action as soon as possible.

However the result of this Pre season game was a Tie. Eagles will now clash with Colts on 25th august and with Patriots on 11th September in this Pre season.

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